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#2 − All Fixed


Pretty much every issue you blogged about has been fixed since you tried it out.

I’m running Windows XP with Pidgin Version 2.4.1. I do recall all of the problems you discussed in versions earlier this year though, so I think you were right on target.

Anyway, it’s worth a second shot.

PS, There was a major pro you didn’t mention: How quickly it starts and exits, especially compared to Trillian.

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#1 − Settings/Logs Written to Disk Just Fine when process killed


I’ve using Pidgin 2.3.1 on Ubuntu & on Vista at work.

I use scheduled tasks at work to start & kill(via script) Pidgin on Vista on work days, and it works great.

My kill script contains the following line:

pskill pidgin

No problems losing settings or logs.

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