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4 years Ago

Pictures from our excursion to a knife-making course

Published by Marco on

 A bunch of us took a knife-making course at Ferrum on Tuesday as part of Encodo’s present to Armin for having finished his apprenticeship. We put up some pictures in the gallery.

5 years Ago

Pictures of our first networking event in 2013

Published by urs on

 The pictures of our first networking event in 2013 last friday can be found in the gallery by now. Enjoy viewing!

We have a new employee!

Published by Marco on

Encodo is pleased to announce that it has a new employee! Frank Baumann (1st-year apprentice in computer science) is a welcome addition to the Encodo development team.

Encodo comes through on its New Year’s promise!

Published by Marco on

Do you recall what we promised? A reward for anyone who played our game all the way to the end and entered their code. The best of the Encodo Gamers have been acknowledged according to rank. You’re all important to us, though, and that’s why we spent a whole afternoon pouring, painting and detailing chocolate bunnies for you at a local chocolate-maker’s shop.

You can find a bunch of pictures from that afternoon on our events page.

Encodo goes Social Media

Published by Marco on

We recently noticed that our Facebook page was a bit chaotic. It consisted mostly of a semi-private group called “Encodo” that we initially created much earlier—when Facebook didn’t offer pages for companies yet. Facebook evolved this page through various incarnations but also offered an ad-hoc, “Encodo Systems AG” page because users had entered that name as their place of employment. Because of this, we had two main problems:

  1. Unlike “pages”, old-style Facebook “groups” offer few to no... [More]

Encodo New Year’s Game 2013 Tips & Tricks

Published by Marco on

At the end of last year, Encodo shipped a little JRPG-style game to customers and partners. JRPG stands for “Japanese Role-Playing Game” and is usually shown in a top-down or isometric view.

Our version uses Jaws, a low-level, open-source, Javascript game engine but, after some research into alternatives, we ended up writing most of the logic and rendering in our own layer on top of it. We tried to keep the code relatively clean and tested it on most desktop and mobile browsers.

Our game... [More]

Encodo’s 2012 holiday event pictures are online

Published by Marco on

Just before Christmas, most of Encodo got together at Chuchiart with some close friends. Cuchiart is a medium-sized kitchen with a dining area for about a dozen people that we rented for the evening. Thomas Spycher is the head chef and he helped us put together a menu (see the menu below) and helped us prepare and cook all the courses ourselves. You can check out the pictures on the events page.

Meat-eater’s Menu

Veal tartar with caramelized cream cheese


Whipped Dijon-mustard soup with... [More]

Networking talks pictures for 2012 are online

Published by Marco on

Encodo had two networking events in 2012, both at our offices in Winterthur.

Click the links above for pictures. Better late than never, right?

Encodo has a new web-site design for 2013!

Published by Marco on

 Encodo's 2013 web site designAfter many years of faithful service, we’ve retired our first web-site design and have replaced it with the much more modern version you’re looking at right now.

This initial update is mostly about design although we made a few minor content changes as well.

  • We moved the credo that was previously featured prominently on our home page and replaced it with news and items of interest, like Quino, our services and our handbooks.
  • We placed the news more prominently to focus on dynamic content
  • We... [More]

New: application server, cloud-support, spell-checking and more!

Published by Marco on

We improved Quino’s application-server and cloud support with the 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 releases.

The improvements to application-server and cloud support are:

  • We added a binary payload format that is much more efficient to improve performance when running against a Quino application server
  • The API for metadata-based methods has been improved and integrated with the service locator
  • The new data-driver architecture allows for much more aggressive client-side caching to avoid performance-killing... [More]


Published by Marco on

 Team Encodo proudly celebrated its 7th birthday today! We look forward to many more productive and creative years.


Published by Marco on

Encodo is pleased to announce that it has two new employees! Urs Wegmann (BS FHO in computer science) und Armin Bilibani (4th-year apprentice in computer science) are a welcome addition to the encodo development team.

6 years Ago


Published by Marco on

There are two new albums from the second half of 2011: 2011 Team Weekend in Sirot and Networking Event 2011 Nr.2.


Published by Marco on

Encodo is proud to present the Encodo Git Handbook, which we wrote as part of our migration to Git from Perforce. If you’re thinking of moving to Git—and even if you’ve already moved—you should definitely check it out.

7 years Ago


Published by Marco on

Encodo welcomes two new employees!

First, we extended our team with Stephan Hauser, an accomplished framework developer who started in November 2010. He brings a lot of know-how and a Bachelors of Science FHO in computer science to the team.

At the beginning of December, Daniel Roth also joined the team. He is an experienced application developer who will also help us in gathering customer requirements. Daniel is simultaneously finishing up a Bachelors of Science ZFH degree in information... [More]