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v4.0: New modeling API, expanded UI support and data improvementsMarco
Quino Documentation: Table of ContentsMarco
v3.1: New metadata builder APIMarco
Quino Retrospective and RoadmapMarco
v3.0: Metadata builders and code-generation improvementsMarco
v2.2: Winform fixes and Query ImprovementsMarco
Mini-applications and utilities with QuinoMarco
v2.1.1 & v2.1.2: Bug fixes for web authentication, logging and servicesMarco
v2.1: API-smoothing and performanceMarco
v2.0: Logging, Dependencies, New Assemblies & NugetMarco
Quino 2: Starting up an application, in detailMarco
IServer: converting hierarchy to compositionMarco
Iterating with NDepend to remove cyclic dependencies (Part II)Marco
Splitting up assemblies in Quino using NDepend (Part I)Marco
API Design: To Generic or not Generic? (Part II)Marco
API Design: Running an Application (Part I)Marco
v2.0-beta2: Code generation, IOC and configurationMarco
Encodo’s configuration library for Quino: part IIIMarco
Encodo’s configuration library for Quino: part IIMarco
Encodo’s configuration library for Quino: part IMarco