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v2.1.1 & v2.1.2: Bug fixes for web authentication, logging and services


The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes. The <a href="">full list of issues for 2.1.1</a> and <a href="">full list of issues for 2.1.2</a> are available for those with access to the Encodo issue tracker. <h>Highlights</h> <ul> Improved configuration, logging and error-handling for <b>Windows services</b>. (<a href="">QNO-4992</a>, <a href="">QNO-5043</a>, <a href="">QNO-5057</a>, <a href="">QNO-5076</a>, <a href="">QNO-5077</a>, <a href="">QNO-5109</a>) <b>Schema-based validation</b> is once again applied. Without these validators, it was possible to make a model without the required meta-ids. During migration, this caused odd behavior. (<a href="">QNO-5118</a>) Use <b>TPL and async/await</b> for services (<a href="">QNO-5113</a>) Added new <c>GetList(IEnumerable<imetarelation>)</c> method to help products <b>avoid lazy-loading</b> (<a href="">QNO-5113</a>) <b>Reduce traffic</b> for the <c>EventLogger</c> and <c>MailLogger</c> (<a href="">QNO-5080</a>) Improve usability and error-reporting in the <b>Quino Migrator</b> </ul> <h>Breaking changes</h> <ul> The <c>ConfigureDataProviderActionBase</c> has been replaced with <c>ConfigureDataProviderAction</c>. The standard implementations for <c>IFeedback</c> and <c>IStatusFeedback</c> as well as the other special-purpose feedbacks (e.g. <c>IIncidentReporterSubmitterFeedback</c>, <c>ISchemaMigratorFeedback</c>) have all been updated to require an <c>IFeedbackLogger</c> or <c>IStatusLogger</c> in the constructors. This was done to ensure that messages sent to feedbacks are logged, as noted in the highlights above. If you've implemented your own feedbacks, you'll have to accommodate the new constructors. </ul>