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v2.1: API-smoothing and performance


The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes. The <a href="">full list of issues</a> is also available for those with access to the Encodo issue tracker. <h>Highlights</h> Quino 2 is finally ready and will go out the door with a 2.1 rather than a 2.0 version number. The reason being that we released 2.0 internally and tested the hell out of it. 2.1 is the result of that testing. It includes a lot of bug fixes as well as API tweaks to make things easier for developers. <ul> Made more improvements to the <b>Startup/Configuration</b> API for products (<a href="">QNO-4860</a>, <a href="">QNO-4991</a>, <a href="">QNO-4990</a>, <a href="">QNO-4911</a>) Further refined the independent and properly decoupled <b>assemblies</b> (<a href="">QNO-5001</a>, <a href="">QNO-4609</a>, <a href="">QNO-2514</a>, <a href="">QNO-4980</a>, <a href="">QNO-4974</a>, <a href="">QNO-4865</a>) Improved support for continuous integration and deployment of Quino packages and symbols via <b>TeamCity</b> (<a href="">QNO-5003</a>, <a href="">QNO-3738</a>, <a href="">QNO-4998</a>, <a href="">QNO-4756</a>, <a href="">QNO-4995</a>) Improved the <b>Web</b> integration with ASP.NET WebAPI and MVC authentication filters (<a href="">QNO-4711</a>) <b>Addressed</b> some <b>performance regressions</b> from 1.13 and added a suite of performance tests to keep better track of performance targets. </ul> On top of that, I've gone through the backlog and found many issues that had either been fixed already, were obsolete or had been inadequately specified. The Quino backlog dropped from 682 to 542 issues. <ul> <b>18</b> issues marked as <i>won't fix</i> and <b>46</b> issues marked as <i>obsolete</i><ul> Stop supporting Glimpse, although there is a <c>Quino.Web.Glimpse</c> package to use the support we do have (<a href="">QNO-4560</a>) Stop supporting <c>HtmlHelpers</c> and other client-side rendering (<a href="">QNO-3921</a>, <a href="">QNO-3995</a>, <a href="">QNO-3804</a>, <a href="">QNO-3797</a>, <a href="">QNO-3974</a>, <a href="">QNO-4001</a>, <a href="">QNO-3992</a>, <a href="">QNO-3991</a>, <a href="">QNO-3973</a>, <a href="">QNO-3970</a>, <a href="">QNO-3969</a>, <a href="">QNO-3918</a>, <a href="">QNO-3866</a>, <a href="">QNO-3865</a>, <a href="">QNO-3857</a>, <a href="">QNO-3849</a>, <a href="">QNO-3848</a>, <a href="">QNO-3842</a>, <a href="">QNO-3839</a>, <a href="">QNO-3837</a>, <a href="">QNO-3836</a>, <a href="">QNO-3834</a>, <a href="">QNO-3833</a>, <a href="">QNO-3831</a>, <a href="">QNO-3824</a> w/sub-tasks, <a href="">QNO-3806</a>, <a href="">QNO-3805</a>, <a href="">QNO-3802</a>, <a href="">QNO-2288</a>) </ul> <b>12</b> issues marked as <i>incomplete</i> (not sufficiently specified) <b>2</b> issues marked as <i>cannot reproduce</i> <b>97</b> issues marked as <i>fixed</i> </ul> <h>Breaking changes</h> The following changes are marked with <c>Obsolete</c> attributes, so you'll get a hint as to how to fix the problem. Since these are changes from an unreleased version of Quino, they cause a compile error. <ul> <c>UseMetaSchemaWinformDxFeedback()</c> has been renamed to <c>UseMetaschemaWinformDx()</c> <c>UseSchemaMigrationSupport()</c> has been renamed to <c>UseIntegratedSchemaMigration()</c> <c>MetaHttpApplicationBase.MetaApplication</c> has been renamed to <c>BaseApplication</c> The <c>IServer.Run()</c> extension method is no longer supported. <c>GetStandardFilters</c>, <c>GetStandardFiltersForFormsAuthentication()</c> and <c>GetStandardFiltersForUnrestrictedAuthentication</c> are no longer supported. Instead, you should register filters in the IOC and use the <c>IWebFilterAttributeFactory.CreateFilters()</c> to get the list of supported filters The <c>ToolRequirementAttribute</c> is no longer supported or used. <c>AssemblyExtensions.GetLoadableTypesWithInterface()</c> is no longer supported <c>AssemblyTools.GetValidAssembly()</c> has been replaced with <c>AssemblyTools.GetApplicationAssembly()</c>; <c>GetExecutableName()</c> and <c>GetExecutablePath()</c> have removed. All of the constant expressions on the <c>MetaBuilderBase</c> (e.g. <c>EndOfTimeExpression</c>) are obsolete. Instead, use <c>MetaBuilderBase.ExpressionFactory.Constants.EndOfTime</c> instead. All of the global values on <c>MetaObjectDescriptionExtensions</c> are obsolete; instead, use the <c>IMetaObjectFormatterSettings</c> from the IOC to change settings on startup. Similarly, the set of extension methods that included <c>GetShortDescription()</c> has been moved to the <c>IMetaObjectFormatter</c>. Obtain an instance from the IOC, as usual. </ul>