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Configure IIS for passing static-file requests to ASP.Net/MVC


At Encodo we had several ASP.Net MVC projects what needed to serve some files with a custom MVC Controller/Action. The general problem with this is that IIS tries hard to serve simple files like PDF's, pictures etc. with its static-file handler which is generally fine but not for files or lets say file-content served by our own action. The goal is to switch off the static-file handling of IIS for some paths. One of the current projects came up with the following requirements so I did some research and how we can do this better then we did in past projects. <b>Requirements:</b> <ol> Switch it off only for /Data/... Switch it off for ALL file-types as we don't yet know what files the authors will store in *somewhere else*. </ol> This means that the default static-file handling of IIS must be switched off by some "magic" IIS config. In other apps we switched it off on a per file-type basis for the entire application. I finally came up with the following IIS-config (in <c>web.config</c>). It sets up a local configuration for the "data"-location only. Then I used a simple "*" wild-card as the path (yes, this is possible) to transfer requests to the ASP.Net. It looks like this: <code> <location path="data"> <system.webserver> <handlers> <add name="nostaticfile" path="*" verb="GET" type="System.Web.Handlers.TransferRequestHandler" preCondition="integratedMode,runtimeVersionv4.0"> </handlers> </system.webserver> </location> </code> <b>Alternative:</b> Instead a controller one could also use a custom <c>HttpHandler</c> for serving such special URL's/Resources. In this project I decided using an action for this because of the central custom security which I needed for the /Data/... requests as well and got for free when using Action instead a <c>HttpHandler</c>.