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Encodo's New Year's gadget for 2013


<img href="{www-de}events.php?folder_id=26" src="" align="left"><img href="{www-de}events.php?folder_id=26" src="" align="right">As we do every year, Encodo wanted to give its customers, partners and friends an end-of-year gift that was interesting, relatively unique and at least partially hand-made. This year, we built a machine from a kit that would make our presents for us -- the Egg-Bot. We put it together from a couple of hundred pieces, ordered Sharpie markers from the States in all colors of the rainbow and tested several different round things in the Egg-Bot before hitting upon the idea of writing on a light bulb. We built the graphic in InkScape and used a special Egg-Bot InkScape plugin to drive the Egg-Bot. And then we had poor Frank babysit the Egg-Bot as it whirred and whined its way through the production of several dozen custom Encodo light bulbs. Check out more pictures in the <a href="{www-en}events.php?folder_id=26">album</a>. Or check out the video of the manufacturing process below, <media href="" src="" source="YouTube" caption="The Egg-Bot is hard at work" width="560px" height="315px">