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New presentation online: Is HTML5 a serious development platform?


<img href="{assets}/presentations/networking_2013_2_html5_is_it_a_serious_development_platform/" src="{assets}/images/thumbnails/networking_2013_2-tn.png" align="left"> This past Monday, Encodo had its second networking event of 2013. The topic of the first was also HTML5 and concluded then that web development was better than it ever had been. In the second event, we had a brief presentation on the current drawbacks in HTML5 development and then discussed ways of making HTML5 development better. We had good participation, with developers from seven other companies contributing to the discussion. The presentation is available online: <a href="{assets}/presentations/networking_2013_2_html5_is_it_a_serious_development_platform/">HTML5: Is it a serious development platform?</a> as are a couple of <a href="{www-en}events.php?folder_id=25">pictures</a>.