Published by Pascal on 10. Dec 2015 16:07:57

Last year, "we sent customers and friends something to drink"
. This year, we provided
some food to go with it: hand-made sausages and an Encodo cutting board!

Not only that, but we also made a "2016 New Year's Puzzle"

"Click to Play!" 

As almost every year, we had to get organized early in order to accomplish
everything by our projected ship-date. As last year, it was only thanks to the
efforts of several people at Encodo that we got everything done well and on

Visit the "whole photo album"  to
see all of the pictures!

[Get cutting boards]

Before we could engrave cutting boards, we had to get them from somewhere. We
came up with measurements and Karin ordered 60 boards from "Berchtold Holzbau"

She brought them to the office (pictured left), ready for engraving (preview of
a draft version on the right).


[Make a pattern]

[image]The next question was: what should we put on the cutting board? Well,
definitely the logo, but what else? We thought about engraving our signatures on
it, but ended up with including our names and a minion for each of us. We made
the logo ourselves, in Inkscape.

[Learn how to Laser-Engrave]

With graphic in hand, we needed to find someplace that would engrave our boards
for us. We decided on the "FabLab"  in
Winterthur, where we would be able to do it ourselves. Robin Bühler and Remo
volunteered to get certified on the 100-watt CO2 laser-engraving
machine and we were in business.


[Engrave the Boards]

We had to visit the FabLab a couple of times to engrave all 60 boards (ca. 4:15
per board. [2] We took a video of the whole process. It's not terribly exciting,
but you can follow along as the machine grinds out the pattern. In order to get
this video shake-free, Pascal and Robin B taped phones to the outside of the



[Make Sausages]

On another front, we went to "Das Pure in Wetzikon"  for a
course in sausage-making one morning and then had a lovely apéro and lunch
together. We ate a bunch of our self-made sausages that day for lunch, but also
had some left over for lunch at the office, grilling on the terrace during a
particularly nice fall day.



[Online Puzzle/Game]

[image]If you take a closer look at the pattern on the cutting board, you can
see that we included a URL in the top right-hand corner. Opening that URL takes
you to our "2016 New Year's Puzzle"  (shown to
the right).

We collected ideas inside the company and voted to pick out a single question.
We designed the project -- even setting up a Jira for all of the tasks -- and
built a small web site with a lightweight JavaScript front-end that talks to a
PHP back-end, storing results to a PostgreSql database.

[Pack it up and send it out!]

Karin picked up the sausages after six weeks of drying and brought them to the
office. The final step was to pack up dozens of boxes with sausages [3] and a
cutting board and carry it all to the post office.


Visit the "whole photo album"  to
see all of the pictures! And even if you don't qualify for a fabulous prize, you
can still take a crack at solving our "2016 New Year's Puzzle"


[1] Which is conveniently located in Wetzikon and also where Karin's son had
    just finished his apprenticeship.

[1] We actually had to lug several kilograms of wooden boards back and forth one
    extra time because the FabLab wireless network wasn't working one evening --
    and you can't send a graphic to the machine any other way. Robin's request
    to connect his laptop directly was firmly denied.

[1] [image]Toblerone for our American colleagues because it's illegal to ship
    meat products to the United States.