Published by Marco on 18. Dec 2013 14:32:36

[image][image]As we do every year, Encodo wanted to give its customers, partners
and friends an end-of-year gift that was interesting, relatively unique and at
least partially hand-made. This year, we built a machine from a kit that would
make our presents for us -- the Egg-Bot.

We put it together from a couple of hundred pieces, ordered Sharpie markers from
the States in all colors of the rainbow and tested several different round
things in the Egg-Bot before hitting upon the idea of writing on a light bulb.

We built the graphic in InkScape and used a special Egg-Bot InkScape plugin to
drive the Egg-Bot. And then we had poor Frank babysit the Egg-Bot as it whirred
and whined its way through the production of several dozen custom Encodo light

Check out more pictures in the "album"
. Or check out the video of the
manufacturing process below,