v0.1: Initial release with basic metadata, schema migration and a Winforms UI

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The summary below describes major new features, items of note and breaking changes. The full list of issues is also available for those with access to the Encodo issue tracker.


  • QNO-6 : Import schema from database to meta-model
  • QNO-11 : Allow properties with simple expressions in the model
  • QNO-13 : Make blob and guid fields work
  • QNO-19 : Allow adding/creation of new objects
  • QNO-20 : Add simple search window
  • QNO-22 : Provide inplace editing of sub-nodes in edit panel
  • QNO-24 : Implement filtered relations
  • QNO-27 : Implement grouping of properties (groups with headings, tabs…)
  • QNO-28 : Implement ViewAspectTools for easier and transparent access to model information
  • QNO-33 : Allow value indexing on GenericObject by IMetaProperty
  • QNO-40 : Define and implement new interface for controls that are placed into the edit panel
  • QNO-43 : Implement simple picture control
  • QNO-48 : Add support for custom code on a class/relation
  • QNO-49 : Add GUI controls to manipulate the timeline
  • QNO-79 : Model defined sorting on lists
  • QNO-90 : Add global data refresh feature
  • QNO-109: Add sizing aspects for properties/controls
  • QNO-110: Add property based ToString conversion
  • QNO-112: Add control to display the current edit context
  • QNO-113: Hide list control when single object is selected
  • QNO-129: Allow the creation of indices using the ModelBuilder’s interface

Breaking changes

No known breaking changes