Getting Started with .NET / C# 4.0

Published by Marco on

Every once in a while, I get asked if I have any suggestions as to how to get started with .NET/C# development. Generally, the person asking has a good background in programming and design. In order to really use a language and library, though, you want to know which concepts and patterns are used in a language as well as what those patterns are called, how to use them and so on. If you don’t know what’s already available, you end up reinventing the wheel or doing things in an inefficient way.

Generally, you can find information about many of these topics at Microsoft’s MSDN documentation or you can search for articles on working with them. Just remember to always look for existing functionality in the .NET framework or the Quino framework—only if you have the pleasure of working with it, naturally—or by searching for solutions online. A good place to look for such solutions is Stack Overflow.

Without further ado, here’s a list of topics and links that I think would be helpful in getting started with .NET / C# 4.0.[1][2]

[1] Some of the article links in the Encodo Knowledge Base deal with Java, but the topics are relevant to C# as well.
[2] This list of links is intended for new Encodo employees, to get them up to speed on what kind of technology we use and what kind of problems they will be expected to be able to solve. Some of the links will not necessarily be relevant to your own programming requirements (e.g. the DevExpress documentation).
[3] If you see the name Jon Skeet on a post or article, then you will be well-served. The guy is pretty consistently well-informed.