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We received this interesting update/information from Sergio Rosas via mail.

About deleting multiple elements at the same time. It’s quite old by now but I wanted to point out some things.

In the post, the author says the best way to delete several rows in one is to use a foreach loop, as the SqlQuery method doesn’t allow to execute a DELETE statement.

Well, I recently found myself in a similar situation, where I needed to update / insert data into the database through a stored procedure. This procedure doesn’t return any data, so the SqlQuery didn’t work for me. Instead I found that the ExecuteSqlCommand method works perfectly fine for this kind of situation, so you could do the DELETE command with this one.

There’s another thing about EF. You can do (using the same examples as the post):

context.Users.RemoveRange(context.Users.Where(u => u.Name == "John"));

but you still will get a SELECT to retrieve the data and then you will get a DELETE statement for every row that matches the condition. This happens, as far as I know, for every batch delete, update or insert operation in EF 6 or lower. It’s intended to be fixed in the EF 7 release.

#1 − NIce reading!


I’m with you that iTunes needs a serious re-write (I guess refactoring won’t get to the best end). If they rewrite that thing once a day I hope the to the software-architecture right and split “media player / media libraries” from “synchronization tool”. For the later I like to have this as part of the operating-system so other Mac Apps and devices can easily use it too. Even Microsoft got this part right (after some tries).

Just two thoughts about your iTunes experience:

Maybe many of the 10 Mio’s don’t need to sync their new iPhone that way. At least I will not need it. Most of the data is in the Cloud anyway (Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Apple Contacts, Apple Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, iDrive, Spotify, iCloud for apps-data, Photo-Streams, etc.). For me this even includes all my music with is in iTunes Match (and a backup on my local server). Means one does not need to sync them but just stream them as need or click the download button for the selected songs, albums, interpreters, playlists, etc. to have them offline.

The other interesting thing is that I had syncing issues with iPhone(s) and iPad(s) since using them (time back when I sync’t them anyway). Interestingly I never ever had or have sync-issues with my “iPod Classic”. Ok to be fair there is no need to music-selection but syncing the whole music library. Maybe that the safer here. Hmmm…

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#1 − Sarah McLachlan performed her hit


“I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize,” the statement read. “I have been offensive. “I have to say I was managed pretty well, and was really pleased with my agent. Agent is a scary word but they are a necessity for certain things in football and it is important you get the right one. I think there is a gap in the market for me and I think I can do well.”.

In the meantime I have some great new features to share which will now be available in Phase 1. Wikis, email and RSS notifications (on all types of content), and your very own personal blog will be available. Already have a blog? No problem, importing tools will be available.

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Major Indian businessmen paid hundreds of millions of dollars for many of the teams. Some of the money does trickle down to the successful players in the form of lucrative fees for matches and team contracts, as well as advertising and other types of endorsement income. Dhoni, already the highest earning sports star in India and in world cricket earning an estimated US$10 million in 2010, will likely earn millions of dollars more per year for leading his team to World Cup victory

After all these years of gathering experience with ORM, it has become clear that Hibernate is not a good choice if you want to stay in control of the SQL it renders (unless you resort to plain SQL, of course). A good article explaining where Hibernate fits best is this one here:

While iBATIS (now MyBatis) solves the impedance mismatch by not creating any SQL abstraction, it doesn’t offer other goodies that Hibernate has, e.g. criteria query (typesafe querying), automatic mapping, automatic CRUD, etc.

jOOQ (http://www.jooq.org) is the library that covers these requirements best. It introduces SQL as an internal domain-specific language to Java, providing typesafe access to the SQL language and to result records. It lets you fully control the SQL it renders, while allowing you to provide custom record to POJO mappings strategies.

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#2 − Thanks for the clarification!


That ExecuteSqlCommand uses SQL rather than ESQL makes me want to use it even less, though.

I’m using an ORM—and a code-first ORM, at that—because I don’t want to write SQL and I certainly don’t want to write SQL that will break if I rename/remove a table or field. That way is fraught with frailty, I think.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! It’s good, of course, that EF has ExecuteSqlCommand, to be used in a pinch.

#1 − Two clarifications

  1. The ExecuteSqlCommand method would probably do what you want. That is: context.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand(“DELETE FROM Users WHERE Name = @name”, new SqlParameter(“name”, “John”));
  2. The SqlQuery and ExecuteSqlCommand do not use ESQL, but raw, database SQL. (As the usage of the SQL Server specific “SqlParameter” instead of the EF’s “ObjectParameter” hints at);



Mit Mono und Apache hatten wir bis jetzt keine produktiven Projekte. Usere Erfahrungen mit ASP.Net MVC auf Mono konzentrieren sich aktuell auf embedded Linux mit Mono 2 und dem in C# geschriebenen XSP-Webserver. Apache wäre uns viel zu gross gewesen mit Total 200 MB Memory und 250 MB HD. Insofern können wir hier keine Aussage zu Performance-Vergleiche machen, sorry.

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#1 − Daten für Performance


Da die Migration von ASP IIS auf Mono/Apache immer wieder ein Thema ist (insb. auf Grund der raketenartig ansteigenden Lizenzkosten seitens MS), woltle ich mal fragen, ob irgendjemand verlässliche Vergleichsdaten für die Unterschiede in der Laufzeit hat/kennt?
In den Anfangstagen war die Mono-Implementation deutlich langsamer; da das jetzt aber schon einige Jahre her ist, habe ich Hoffnung, dass die Performance irgendwann mal vergleichbar sein sollte?
.NET aufzugeben wäre schade, aber MS muss auch klar sein, dass die Kunden nur eine gewisse Preistoleranz haben ;-)

http://www.lelala.at | Lelala

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#1 − APV

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#1 − I’m impressed!



#2 − Queryinterface_in_hibernate3


In Hibernate3.jar Query interface is having executeUpate() but in JavaDocs it is executeUdpate().
while working with hibernate3.0 please make sure that java developer should use correct name of the method to avoid problems.
we need wait for correct release for hibernate

Jitender Kumar Mourya
Senior Developer


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#1 − Queryinterface_in_hibernate3


In Hibernate3.jar Query interface is having executeUpate() but in JavaDocs it is executeUdpate().
while working with hibernate3.0 please make sure that java developer should use correct name of the method to avoid problems.
we need wait for correct release for hibernate

Jitender Kumar Mourya
Senior Developer

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#1 − GOOO


#3 − Well…


…as the guy who had written it: The URI printed out by line 112 (Fetching/processing…) is the URI that actually will be fetched.

Some additional things that could go wrong:

  • The wiki is password protected. If so you might get around the issue by setting your URI to http://user:password@thesite.com
  • The server redirects your browser after accessing the URI. I don’t know if perl’s HTTP library handles that.

#2 − Also kind of lacking Perl knowledge…


…I’m not the guy who originally wrote this article, but I’ll do what I can! ;-)

The complaint that the “request for <http://…valid url> failed” seems to indicate a url-resolution problem, but it’s hard to tell because the error message doesn’t specify the exact problem.

  • Are you sure that the uri is valid?
  • Can you ping it?
  • Are you sure that the HTML::WikiConverter plugin and dialect are installed?


unknown (updated by anon@


#2 − All Fixed


Pretty much every issue you blogged about has been fixed since you tried it out.

I’m running Windows XP with Pidgin Version 2.4.1. I do recall all of the problems you discussed in versions earlier this year though, so I think you were right on target.

Anyway, it’s worth a second shot.

PS, There was a major pro you didn’t mention: How quickly it starts and exits, especially compared to Trillian.

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#1 − Settings/Logs Written to Disk Just Fine when process killed


I’ve using Pidgin 2.3.1 on Ubuntu & on Vista at work.

I use scheduled tasks at work to start & kill(via script) Pidgin on Vista on work days, and it works great.

My kill script contains the following line:

pskill pidgin

No problems losing settings or logs.

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#1 − found a solution yet?


I’m having the same problem. I’ve got another app which is updating some fields in the database and it seems like refresh does absolutely nothing for the object.

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