The ladies are having a laugh (21.08.2015)

21. Aug 2015 - 23. Aug 2015

Im Sommer 2015 feierte Encodo ihr 10-Jahres Jubiläum in Bussang, welches in der Lothringen Region in Frankreich liegt.“


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The Stählin Brothers − Lasagna Chefs

22. Aug 2015

These guys look pretty happy with their day’s work (dinner and dessert).

Proof that you cannot take a bad picture of Tymon

22. Aug 2015

Tymon demonstrates where he is going to put a lot of lasagna once it’s finally ready.

Waiting for Lasagna…

22. Aug 2015

Still in a good mood, despite the delayed dinner!

These people are insane. Please get me out of here.

22. Aug 2015

Robin H is probably less frightened and more starving to death because the lasagna took forever to... [More]

Selfie or Panorama

22. Aug 2015

Robin is taking the panorama that you see in the previous picture.

Panorama of Saturday-night Dinner

22. Aug 2015

From l. to r.: Katja, Armin, Tymon & Marco making salad, Karin (faceless due to panorama), Pascal,... [More]

Fabi’s Face after he tasted the beer he bought

22. Aug 2015

Fabi and Carmen made a few trips into town. He wasn’t a big fan of the Belgian beers we stocked up... [More]

Water break on the hike around the lake

22. Aug 2015

Kath and Katja get water, while Sebastian takes a selfie of himself and Samuel with his fancy... [More]

Some of the climbers at the top

22. Aug 2015

From l. to r.: Remo, Marco, Steffi and Robin.