The trough at Pecan Lodge Barbecue (03.10.2013)

1. Oct 2013 - 5. Oct 2013

Dani und Marco sind anlässlich einer Geschäftsreise für eine Woche nach Dallas, Texas gepilgert und haben ein paar Photos gemacht.


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View of Dallas from the Magnolia Hotel

5. Oct 2013

That’s the Hotel Adolphus on the right.

The Hotel Adolphus (viewed from the Magnolia Hotel)

5. Oct 2013

We stayed at the Magnolia Hotel, which was decent. Across the street and out of the hotel window... [More]

Pitcher of margheritas at Wild Salsa

4. Oct 2013

This looks far better than it actually was. It was quite tasty but had far too much ice and far too... [More]

X marks the spot

4. Oct 2013

The X on the road marks the spot where Kennedy was shot. Directly behind the photographer is the... [More]

Downtown Dallas (near where Kennedy was shot)

4. Oct 2013

This was taken looking east from just across the road where Kennedy was shot almost exactly 50... [More]

The trough at Pecan Lodge Barbecue

3. Oct 2013

This was magnificent barbecue, praised to the heavens by all of our colleagues (3 of whom joined us... [More]

A giant Dickies statue

2. Oct 2013

Dickies is a clothing company that specializes in work clothes (kind of like Carhartt).

Gondolas in Texas

2. Oct 2013

There is a permanent gondola system at the fairgrounds, most likely to help those less comfortable... [More]

A “little” hot dog

2. Oct 2013

While larger than the “baby”—which would, in all likelihood, have been a normal-sized... [More]

Parade at the Texas State Fair

2. Oct 2013

We stumbled onto a parade at one point, but it was a rather subdued affair, with single-car, local... [More]

The Texas State Fair Midway stretches on forever

2. Oct 2013

There were two rows of these stands—in this particular area—offering games and food and games... [More]

The Texas State Fair Midway

2. Oct 2013

We were there on a Tuesday at about 19:00 and there weren’t many people there yet. Again, if you... [More]

Fletcher’s Corny Dogs came highly recommended

2. Oct 2013

Our colleagues in Texas told us to check out the State Fair, to check out the fried foods and, in... [More]

Dani two-fisting at the Texas State Fair

2. Oct 2013

Actually, he was just holding my Blue Moon beer while I took pictures. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t... [More]

The Dallas Federal Reserve Building

1. Oct 2013

This is one seriously high-security facility. Concrete barriers, bollards and reinforced gates... [More]