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1 year Ago

Why you shouldn’t use Bootstrap when you have a styleguide

Published on in Web: HTML/CSS/JS

From a customer, we got the request to apply a visual style guide (VSG) to a Bootstrap-based application. Since we do have a lot of experience with applying style guides on web applications and styling in general, we accepted the job and started to evaluate the details.

Which version of Bootstrap to use

The most recent stable version of Bootstrap is 3.3.6. However, when you go to the Bootstrap website, there is an announcement that Bootstrap 4 “is coming”. The current state of Bootstrap 4 is... [More]

3 years Ago


Published on in Encodo News (de)

Wir freuen uns darüber, Tymon Terlikiewicz in unserem Team begrüssen zu dürfen! Wir sind jedoch weiterhin auf der Suche nach Verstärkung; mehr Informationen dazu gibt es hier.

4 years Ago

Converting an existing web application from JavaScript to TypeScript

Published on in Web: HTML/CSS/JS

TypeScript is a new programming language developed by Microsoft with the goal of adding static typing to JavaScript. Its syntax is based on the ECMA Script 6 standard, which is currently being defined by a consortium. There are features in the languages most developer know well from other languages like C#: Static Types, Generics, Interfaces, Inheritance and more.

With this new language, Microsoft tries to solve a problem that many web developers have faced while developing JavaScript: Since... [More]

Including PDF in web sites

Published on in Technology

At first glance, this seems to be a pretty easy topic since PDFs are everywhere and can be found in almost every bigger website. But in most cases, PDF files are just linked for download and not embedded directly in the site. If the user clicks such a link, the browser decides what to do with the file: Just download to the file system or display a preview in a new tab or window. This also works pretty well for mobile devices since there are PDF readers for almost every platform.

But what if we... [More]

Pictures of our first networking event in 2013

Published on in Encodo News (en)

 The pictures of our first networking event in 2013 last friday can be found in the gallery by now. Enjoy viewing!

Bilder des ersten Networking Events 2013

Published on in Encodo News (de)

 In der Galerie findet ihr ab sofort einige Impressionen zu unserem ersten Networking Event im 2013 letzten Freitag. Viel Spass beim Anschauen!

5 years Ago

Quino Projekt-Template für Visual Studio 2012

Published on in Quino


Visual Studio bietet die Möglichkeit, zusätzlich zu den von Haus aus mitgelieferten Projekt-Templates eigene Templates zu erstellen und diese dann zu verwenden. Dies ist von Vorteil, wenn häufig ähnliche Projekte erstellt werden und das Projektsetup verhältnismässig aufwändig ist. Diese Voraussetzugen treffen auf unser hauseigenenes Framework Quino bestens zu: Für jede neue Quino Applikation muss ein Model erstellt werden, was jeweils einige Code- und Konfigurationsdateien erfordert.... [More]