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Networking Event 2016.1


<img align="left" src="{www-en}/../assets/images/thumbnails/Networking_2016-1_Code_Review_Best_Practices_Sebastian.png">On Wednesday, Encodo had its first networking event of the year. Our very own Sebastian Greulach presented <a href="">Code Review Best Practices</a>. A bunch of our friends and colleagues from the area showed up for a lively discussion that, together with the presentation, lasted over 90 minutes. We heard from people working with <b>remote</b> teams---off- and near-shored---as well as people working locally in both <b>small and large teams</b> and for small to large companies. We discussed various review styles, from formal to informal to <i>nonexistent</i> as well as the differences in managing and reviewing code for <b>projects versus products</b>. Naturally, we also covered <b>tool support</b> and where <b>automation</b> makes sense and where <b>face-to-face</b> human interaction is still better. The discussion continued over a nice meal prepared on our outdoor <b>grill</b>. We even had a lot more vegetables this time! Thanks to lovely weather, we were able to spend some time outside and Pascal demonstrated his <b>L337 drone-flying skills</b>---but even he couldn't save it from a rain gutter when a propeller came off mid-flight. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen and thanks to everyone who showed up!